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pattern problem
I have cast on 33 sts and followed my pattern well until this point....i end up with not enough stitches. What am I doing wrong?
Pattern reads as this: K2tog, *k2tog twice, (yo, k1)5 times, yo, ssk twice, sl 1-k2tog-psso; rep from *, end k2tog.

I am reading this as K2tog three times, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, ssk, ssk ( or is it yo ssk, yo ssk?) sl1-k2tog-psso (does that mean you pass the slipped stitch over the two stitches you knit together?) and then I repeat the k2tog, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, ssk twice, sl1-k2tog-psso and then at the end k2tog...which I do NOT have because there aren't enough stitches. Please help clarify this pattern for me!
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