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Thank you!

Shaped properly, it is now wet blocked on a towel - looks the way it should straighter from end to end and less like a smile.

@Gramma no problem at all about the count, glad I was able to give you a heads up regarding the pattern problems.

I'll just add that it's been mentioned here on the forum on several threads that since the turns are not wrapped, once you get past the middle you will notice the holes in the work. This is normal and disappears upon wear (a miracle of the knitting gods I guess) -- I almost ripped up my work again before I remembered. The holes that are more obvious are rather small and located in the back where you place the button.

At this point I really wish Knitty would go over the pattern and make the proper changes, especially in the way the pattern is worded. It's been a while now since that pattern was written.
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