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Interweave Press used to have a web page of guilds, but I can't seem to locate it on their website.

However, the link I supplied above takes you to their Spinning Daily home page and gives you free downloads about spinning.

Before you go out and buy a wheel, I suggest you look into learning with a drop spindle. The link I gave you in the previous post, as well as in this post, will show you how to construct one yourself.

The Woolery has a great selection of spindles and prepared wool (top, roving or slyver). I suggest a medium staple length wool such as Corriedale.

Now that you have your spindle and wool, what to do with it?? I suggest bopping over to youtube and checking out Abby Franquemont. She has a number of videos (as well as the Interweave Press published book Respect the Spindle.

There is only 3 steps to spinning. 1) attenuated (drafting) the fiber 2) putting the twist into the fiber 3) placing the twisted fiber onto a holder. Essentially, you can do these three steps without the use of any mechanical device. The spindle and wheel just makes it faster. The wonderful thing about spindling is you can do each of these steps separately (and Abby will show you how).

Still interested in getting a spinning wheel? Be careful about getting one from an antique store or from ebay, et al. Many of these wheels don't have all their pieces and parts and it is difficult to find replacements. Try out as many wheels as you can. When you find the right one for you, it will 'speak' to you! Pick up a copy of the fall 2013 Spin-Off magazine (available from Interweave Press). It has a great comparison of wheels from the top manufacturers.

Boston area help?? Try the Boston Area Spinners and Dyers. Looks like they have a Spin In on the 25th of this month

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