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Originally Posted by claireweber View Post
My Goodness! You are one busy little bee I like the stitch for the blanket - how wide do you think it'll end up being? Have you knitted many socks? What yarns are you using in these projects?

In Judy's post for her Mosaic Crib Blanket she had mentioned using patterns from Barbara Walker's book. You can probably order that from your library, may take a few weeks to get it. I so wish I had looked at that book when I was at my Santa Fe LYS, but the owner discouraged me, said I wouldn’t be interested in it, so I didn’t give it a second thought. I never realized that mosaic knitting was slip stitch knitting, always thought it was stranded work.

That jacket is so beautiful I'm almost finished with my circle cloth, was so tired last night kept falling asleep with my knitting in my lap I promised a pair of socks for our friend that we stayed with while we were in Santa Fe, the yarn arrives in the next couple of days.

I really wanted to try out that Linen Stitch, lengthwise on a scarf, at least get it cast on before the sock yarn arrives. I have just the yarn for it, Peaches & Crème Ivy League Still working through the cotton worsted stash.

We need an emoticon for juggling We hired a painter to finish up the house, starting to pack, interviewed another R.E. Agent today, we like her. We rented a storage unit today for boxes and a couple of oddball things. And we're sleeping in the living room until the upstairs is painted. Idk what I like about that, but I do.

That Ivy League is very nice. When I worked the linen stitch my stitches were very tight and the fabric is pretty solid; it hurt my hands. Be aware that it is very easy for things to get tight and pay attention to keeping it loose. I have 2 cones of Pageantry that I got for making things for my bathroom, what things I don't know yet. I'm stash busting, I have tons of inexpensive (not cheap! just very, very inexpensive) acrylic that's been around for about half a century maybe that I'm using up. This morning my DD came over after dropping the kids at school (GS doesn't have a great track record for the first day [he has Asperger's] and this way she was closer to the school and wasn't waiting alone for the call from school that didn't come) and we got to talking about slippers and now I've cast on with 3 strands of green yarns, all close by not quite the same color, to try a slipper sole for another Non Felted Slippers pair. I think I'm in start-it mode, not finish-it mode. I've made a half dozen or so pairs of socks I think. I do them the toe-up Lifestyle No Pattern Needed method, how do you do them? The socks are Felici sport, Depths colorway.

I think the blanket should be 36"-40" wide and I'm guesstimating about 60" long. Dunno. Will try to post a photo later. It's a variegated yarn and I don't like most patterns with mixed colors as they tend to struggle for dominance, do I see the pattern or the colors? This seemed to sort of achieve a balance.

Other than smelling fresh paint, camping out downstairs sounds cool to me. I sure do hope you can get the house sold at a good price, soon, since that's what you need to do.
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