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Turning the Heel
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Aw, thank you... The beauty of the afterthough heel is that it is knit just like a toe. The only trick is to stop when it's deep enough, and also I made a few last rounds of decreases without the plain rounds in between, to make it more round.

I mean, the toe is comfortable, isn't it? The problem with the short row heel was that in order to hide the holes, a middle "bar" between the stitches was picked up to close up the gap. It looked fine but felt "knotty", if you know what I mean.

Also, I had to redo: one heel, two toes, and one top -- and I am talking about three socks only. So I am kind of fed up by now, but when I knit the unfortunate fourth sock, I will post some pictures.

Also, I am working on a Perfect Toe, because a gentlemen, even a 4 y.o. gentelmen, looks ridiculous in pointy-toed socks.
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