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Originally Posted by redrose View Post
Do you think that learning on a loom translates to learning with needles or would the loom be a complete waste of time?
I'll clarify my position by saying straight off that I'm not a loom knitter.

From what I've (very briefly) seen about loom knitting I think of it being more like the manual, or hand, version of machine knitting. (I know that sounds like a paradox.) A bit like the way a manual typewriter relates to a computer keyboard. So, I don't think loom and hand knitting translate to each other. As for being a waste of time (in its own right), I'm unable to comment either way.

Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I don't think time spent learning something you want to do could be considered a complete waste. I don't see how you could learn anything from loom knitting that would really help when knitting with needles. The method of making the fabric is too different. What is it you want to accomplish? If you want to be able to knit just about anything, then learning to use needles would make sense IMO. If you only want to make a scarf or hat, I'm really not sure what else loom knitters make, then a loom could make sense. It all depends on what you want to do. Asking here is not likely to get you a really balanced response, as Jan said we all use needles. There aren't a lot of loom knitters here. I'm surprised there doesn't seem to be a place for asking questions about loom knitting specifically somewhere online.
I put 'loom knitting forum' into Google and came up with a lot of hits. I've had a quick look and these two look promising:

I think, if you do take up loom knitting, YouTube videos and hunting round for any forums that you feel happy with will be the way to go.
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