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FO: Socks, 2 pairs, self-patterning yarn
Hi there,

I was planning this ambitios post called Sock Mania but couldn't wait until I finish the other ones. You know what I am talking about, right? The Second Ones. If I did finish them, I would have 4 pairs to show, but oh well. (And what is my next project, you ask? A baby hat, of course)

Anyway, here is what I've got so far. The yarn is Regia, Norweger Ringel Color for the blue socks, and DGB Confetti for the colourful ones.

I mentioned elsewhere I am working on a Perfect Toe for children socks because they seem to be either too pointy or too square with regular decreases, depending how many stitches I leave to graft. Well, I realised that if I decrease from 16 sts to 8 in without the plain rounds in between, it makes a more round toe. You can sort of see the difference in the last two pictures. ETA: I add a few rounds before I start the shaping to compensate for a shorter toe.

The Confetti socks have regular shaping ending with 8 sts, and the blue ones have a new shaping, also ending in 8 sts.

Thanks for looking!
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