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baby sweater.. directions...what to do now?
Hi! I'm knitting a leaf pattern set... newborn from knit Lace & Leaves for baby .... Page 4

I've completed everything from rows 1.... to and including left sleeve where I bound off...that would be row 29-37.

So I currently have stitches left on my circular needle... the next set of directions read:

Dividing Row: Remove point protectors and K52 (Back), place point protector on right hand point of circular needle, with empty larger size straight needle, K 34 (Right Sleeve), place point protector on remaining point of circular needle.

ok... where do I begin???.... very confused... everything looks great.. now I'm completely stumped. Where do I begin for the K52 since there are stitches left on both sides of the circular needles??? also, when I finished the first sleeve, was I suppose to cut the yarn... God, I hope so, because I did after I bound off the left sleeve! Gulp!

Thanking you in advance... hope you understand my question(s)
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