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Originally Posted by Lorraine3289 View Post
Have you looked at the Interchangeable Needle poll on Ravelry To see the results of the poll, click on the link at the bottom of the 2nd post. Interesting reading. The poll helped me decide to buy my Hiya Hiya interchangeables after much pondering.
i'd recommend chiaogoo, i have bought mine a tip at a time, and the cords are a bit thicker than hiya's, there are two kinds of cords, the red which don't swivel and the spin cords which do - they have bamboo or metal- might buy one and see how you like it. I also enjoy my dreamz needles by knitters pride- i hadn't seen that poll, i'll go look at it too.... i love learning about different needles
thanks to continental knitting, this crocheter is now addicted to knitting!
a needle gourmet....gotta try em all!
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