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FO: Wingspan (Zauberball - green/blue)
I got this beautiful ball of yarn and as it is quite suited for a wingspan shawl, I decided to knit one Socks were also an option, but I am still reluctant to try my hand on those

So I followed the instructions (well, I'm going for straight needles instead of round oned) and was nearly done with the first triangle when I realised I lost a stitch So I frogged it all and started over - after a few days for I was a bit frustrated

I'm now again as far as I was then and I haven't found any mistakes - yet. However, I am a bit unsure about this part:
Repeat ROW 3 and ROW 4 until there are no more working
stitches. (i.e. there is nowhere to put the traveling marker)
Right now I have all 90 stitches on my needle with a marker around the 3 stitches closest to the knitting end of the needle. I wonder whether I should still knit those 3, remove the marker and knit back - or whether I am already done (as there is no place to put the traveling marker anymore already). But in the last case I still have 3 'working stitches'. So do I knit those or don't I?

I think I do - but I'm not 100% sure and I don't feel like frogging again. So any certainty on this matter would really be appreciated.

PS Bit short on time so I'll upload the first triangle later, but the yarn I'm using is this. And the pattern is 'just' the plain WingSpan - all rows are knitted.
It seems so easy...

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