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I've finished with a row 4 so I still have a marker on the needle - if I would knit the next 3 stitches to the marker that would be the row 3 and the row 4 would be just 3 the stitches untill one can place the marker. I hope this makes sense?

And yes, I did want to put in a lifeline, but rather after I really finished the first triangle. I was so focussed on doing that, that I didn't realize I could put one now! Thank you!

I'll try for now to see what happens when I do knit those 3 stitches - I guess all in all it doesn't really matter anyway... It is just 3 stitches over 2 rows, they won't change anything dramatic if they are or aren't knitted...

Here is the picture of the triangle I frogged, just to show what the yarn does for this pattern:

The crochetneedle is there because of the missed knit... I couldn't fix it.
It seems so easy...
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