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One more question...
Tis pattern is driving me crazy though I have to persevere because my sister picked it out... Assuming i can pose the question assuming knowledge of the chain below... Still working on the first row of the waist post decrease. I am left with 34 stitches...11 stitches....34 stitches. I understand what to do with the middle 11 stitches... But am confused bout the send 34 stitches... The fleurette pattern is multiples of 6 plus 5. K2 *k1, yo, ssk, k1, k2tog, yo repeat from *to last 3 end k3.

Instructions: work row 34 stitches to the last 2 stitches the center and then work pattern to the end. Do I start from th e beginning k2* k1, yo etc...

I can email the pattern if helpful...

Thank you from someone desperately frustrated. :-)
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