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Originally Posted by dalhousie View Post
I can't get out to the shops due to chronic pain & back problems so have to buy books on the net & was wondering which book(s) to go for. I don't want to waste my money as I'm unable to work due to my health issues. I'm newish to knitting but have done different knitting stitches in scarves. I already have "A second treasury of knitting patterns" by Barbara Walker but I was wanting to buy another book & was wondering which book to invest in as you can't see inside all of them on Amazon. Does anybody highly recommend one book in particular. There are loads of them out there. I saw this one on Amazon which has colour pics - Knitting Stitches Visual Encyclopaedia:

Also there is:

The Knitting Book;
Big Book of Knitting;
Vogue Knitting Stitchionary (Knit and Purl);
364 Knitting Stitches a Year;
The Knitter's Bible Stitch Library.

If anybody has recommendations of knitting technique books as I'm clueless about sewing garments together.

Thanks for any suggestions
I have an old copy of Vogue (circa 1989) that I see they've updated, but I still refer to it and think it's great. Everybody seems to like Elizabeth Zimmerman's books (she's a now deceased American knitting guru) but I didn't find enough visual stuff in it. Also, I pick up a lot of stuff from's videos (thanks, Amy and Sheldon) and you can find thousands of videos on YouTube.
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