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Originally Posted by artsy1 View Post
i've never had snagging or unscrewing with either my chiaogoos or dreamz, but i also have never used the finer yarns- i would think the chiaogoo lace tips would be worth trying
I have some fixed Dreamz and I really like them. I also like my fixed circular Harmony KnitPicks. But after the yarn snagging debacle w/ the Harmony Interchangeables (not the first time it happened, but the WORST), and also having the shaft of the needles slip out of the metal casing, I 've sort of had it with interchangeables. It's good to hear that other folks don't have trouble, maybe I'll try some different ones. Everybody on the Ravelry poll seems to like the DyaKcraft, but they are pricey and backordered for 6 months!!! I might try dreams, Hiyahiyas or Chiagoos.
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