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Thank you. I've done that, so I guess I won't be needing the lifeline this time I did do 16 stitches and it is going all right so far. I think it doesn't really matter how much stitches you use, as long as you cast on as much as you leave on the needle.

I did notice something else: I always slipped the stitch purlwise, but row 4 says knitwise! I didn't realize that untill I started the 2nd triangle (so I had already knitted all those) and I really didn't want to go back - I'll just keep that as an unique feature for my scarf I'll do it according to the pattern on the next 7 triangles, it might be interesting to see the difference. I can't really see it now as I still have the lifeline on that row...

I finished the second triangle last night. I have a bit of a problem with the thin yarn and the thick needles with blunt points - I really need to be careful to knit the stitch on the needle and not the one from the row underneath, somehow those two get mixed up easily I did not catch it one time, and tried to fix that and now I have a stockinette stitch somewhere in the 2nd triangle I thought I had fixed it so nicely and was really proud of myself, but now I see I did do it wrong - it looks OK on one side but not on the other Oh well, luckely I'm not a perfectionist - I'll keep it this way Too much work to fix it...

Halfway triangle 3 now. It is actually an easy pattern (when you just knit all the rows), easy but with a wonderful outcome . It does take longer than I thought though... I'm now 100% sure I'm a slow knitter
It seems so easy...
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