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Originally Posted by sakura-panda View Post
Current Snuggle Lists:

Blue Skies:
1. KristinMei
2. Katie/sakura-panda
3. Kari/kdodge8 <-- Currently knitting
4. Janis/Woofens
5. Lizars1735

Sunrise Snuggie (pinks, purples, yellows and blues)
1. maryknitwit <-- Currently knitting
2. salmonmac
3. Kari/kdodge8 (after Blue Skies)
4. Susan/susauehl
5. Lizars1735

Patriotic Pets:
1. salmonmac
2. salmonmac <-- Currently knitting
3. maryknitwit
4. KrisitinMei
5. susauehl

Pumpkin Patch
1. Susan/susauehl
2. Janis/Woofens
3. Kristin/KristinMei <-- Currently knitting
4. Katie/sakura-panda
5. Kari/kdodge8

Looking for knitters:

None! They are all spoken for!

Done and waiting for photo:

None! All are posted for free viewing on the blog!

I'm not sure what was decided with Blue Skies; I put Janis down in Kari's second section and if that is wrong, please let me know.

What's going on with Patriotic Pets? I'm under the impression that it is moving forward, but haven't seen either that it was sent or received.

I think that Pumpkin Patch is with/on its way to Kristin -- is that right?

Thanks, ladies!
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