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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Whichever direction you choose to knit your socks, I think the biggest problem knitters new to socks have is getting hung up on a pattern - the pattern is confusing to them or something else gets in the way.
This is so true. I made my first socks with the simplest method I could manage (toe up, worsted yarn, Sweet Tomato Heel). It seemed to me that even unfamiliar terms like instep and gusset were scary Meaning, that the learning curve would be too steep to enjoy it.

I have a beautiful skein of Handmaiden SeaWool that I bought for a shawl or a scarf. Now, I need a pattern (arg!) I spent hours on Ravelry just to learn that I still dislike them. And it's not like I am happy with it, either. I can read them, I understand them, I can even write them. But follow? Nope.

Also, I never swatch. Ever. That is another reason I like 'recipes' that just explain how to do the shaping. And as far as plain socks go, your previous sock is your swatch -- it's not going to be all that different.

I looked into the Lifestyle Toe up socks and I will give it a try with the next pair. Stay tuned

And thank you GG!
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