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Pattern Help
I am kniting a sweater for a Ken Doll. Here is where I am stumped.
Cast on 11 sts. with No. 4 needles and work in pattern for 24 rows, keeping the 3 center front sts. in garter st. for border. Put a marker at underarm edge to mark armhole. Cont. to work for 14 rows, and at the same time incr. 1 st. at center edge for collar every 4th row 4 times, working the incr. sts. in garter st. Work as high as back and bind off for shoulder at armhole edge 3 sts. 2 times. Rem. 4 sts. work in garter st. for 4 more rows. Bind off. Work the other Front to correspond.
The number of stitches seems way off. If you are to do 14 rows but inc. every 4th 4 times is 16. Also when all is said and done binding off 3sts 2 times is 6 sts leaving 9 not 4. I am not understanding something. I should say this piece is the left half of a cardigan.
Thanks for any help
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