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Advice on a sweater decrease
This is my third vest using this pattern:

The fo's look great and fit very well with a modern look since there is very little ease. There's a column of purl stitches on each side of the vest that simulates a seam since it's knit in the round.

This time I'm knitting a slightly larger size for someone else, and he is right in between sizes - erring on the larger size his vest will have a bit more ease - not a big deal.

I miscounted on this particular occasion when I split between back and front. The back has 1 stitch less and the front 1 stitch more. Since the vest is going to have a bit more ease than it should, I prefer to decrease the front by one stitch and keep the count to what it should be. I am finishing off the back now -- when I continue the front it will be straight knitting from the armhole up.

I'm supposed to decrease 1 stitch on each side on the right side 4 times and continue upwards for about an inch before forming the vee. Is there a preferable way to decrease 1 more stitch from the armhole and keep things looking even and gradual? Also thinking I might use the modified K3tog which is more subtle on the right armhole - left knitting side (k2, pass the finished loop from right back to left needle, pass next loop over k2 loop, then pass finished decrease to the right needle). I could leave it alone but was trying to compensate for the bit of extra ease. Your thoughts very much appreciated since I'd rather not botch up the construction even for 1 stitch. Thanks!

Editing: Was just thinking I could bind off 1 more stitch at the armhole, but realized I can't since the working yarn is brought to the back when you place the front stitches on scrap yarn, so that's out. Unless there's a way to do that when I attachthe new working yarn.
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