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Baby Jacket Sleeves Help with Instructions
I am crocheting this:

When I get to this set of instructions, I am completely dumbfounded on how this works. I just can't understand how you Ch, then go over the back then CH again. Won't that mean you have to come back and then you are in the middle of the piece. Or you end up with uneven sleeves?? I never did understand the beginning instructions for the 1st row, just winged and got it to work.

When piece measures approx 8”-9”-9” (10 5/8”-11”) cast on new sts for sleeves each side as follows: Cut the yarn. Ch 16-19-19 (25-28), crochet as before over back piece, at the end of row ch 16-19-19 (25-28). Turn the piece and crochet as explained for 1st row so that the pattern continues as before = 1 dc (3 ch) + 20-23-25 (30-33) dc-groups on row.
When piece measures 11”-13”-14” (15”-17”) fasten off.

Thanks, Sandi
Happy Knitting! Sandi
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