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FO: Katie's felted doggy bed!
It's all done. The crocheted cushion was the hardest thing I've ever done. I cannot tell you how many times I ripped out the single-crochet flat round disc because it was either rippled (too many increases) or turning up (too few increases)! Ugh.

Katie baptized her bed today by jumping in and digging up a storm! I was still working on side #2 of the cushion piece, so she had the very bottom of the bed to storm around in! Shih Tzu's are notorious diggers.

Here are the two discs that I crocheted (16.5" across) for the cushion. I used a K hook, and two strands of the hazelnut tweed worsted and one strand of a super bulky tri-color alpaca. When both discs were done, I worked single crochet around the edges, leaving an opening for the stuffing.

This is my first attempt at stuffing. It was way too plump. I had to undo 6" pf
the seam and take over 50% of it. Sigh. But it's perfect little cushion for her.

Here is the way this tweedy cushion looks inside the bed. This was just one
of the discs, but you can see the overall 'look'. I like it. The cushion is more
comfy for her.

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