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Thanks for your help! Its not a big section so I'm going to type it out if thats OK for my size so you can see it.


Sew up right shoulder seam.

Pick up and K62 sts evenly from left side of front neck (approx 5 stitches from every 6 rows), K1 from centre front and mark with coloured thread, pick up and K60 sts evenly from right side of front neck and work across sts from back neck as follows:

K1, K2tog, (K2, K2tog) 10 times, K2. 157 stitches

It's my 45 stitches on the back on my stitch holder that's really got me confused, I don't know what I am supposed to do with them.

OMG, as I've just typed this out I've realised it is the number in brackets that should be 10 times not the whole first part. Which would equal 45 stitches. I am so stupid!

Honestly, before I posted this I had been looking at this pattern for about 2 1/2 hours lol. But I will leave the thread up as it will help someone else as stupid as me!!

Thank you very much for helping me anyway :-)
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