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HELP! yfw, slip, ybk, slip, turn...?!
Hi there,

I am pretty new to this and only know the basics I am knitting Paton's "Quick & Easy Baby Knits" page 21 Baby Pants in 4ply. Which is all garter st apart from ribbing on the cuffs and waist band.

I have just come up to "Back Shape" and am little confused as to what to do.

Here's what it says;

SHAPE BACK - Note - When turning, bring yarn to front of work, slip next st onto right hand needle, ybk, slip st back onto left needle, then turn and proceed as instructed - this avoids holes in work.

1st - row k33 turn.
2nd and alt rows - knit to end.
3rd row - k27, turn.
5th row - k21, turn.
7th row - k15, turn.
9th row - K9, turn.
10th row- knit.

So I have a few questions;

1. What does that "Note" achieve?

2. When I bring "yarn to front of work, slip next st onto right hand needle" to I slip the stitch across like I was going to knit it but don't?

3. When I turn for the second time after doing the slipping etc, do I knit to the end and is that still row1?

Sorry if these are silly questions. Thanks in advance for your help
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