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There are soooo many crochet magazines. Alas. And IMHO they are usually soooo much alike.

But! This year, a new one entered the fray. Although it's frankly aimed at young women (phrases like "this is not your [grand]mother's crochet" tipped me off )--and I've had my 29th birthday a...few...times , I like

--its happy attitude,
--its embrace of crochet as a fully expressive art form in its own right and not an inferior, imitative craft,
--the variety of designs and designers presented.

It comes out monthly, but looking for it at retail shops in the United States is an exercise in frustration. From March, when I first fell across a copy of the February issue at Barnes & Noble, until May, when my subscription became effective, I went NUTS looking for the "current" issue at either Joann's or B&N--the only two retail chains where it's sold in the U.S. Bleah.

To check out what I'm saying, run do not walk to Simply Crochet, published out of the U.K. It took me all of maybe two or three days to get the "translation" from U.K. crochet terms to American terms nailed down, and now it's just not a concern.

I hope you like it as much as I do! (And I left college...ah...quite a while back!)
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