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So I finally finished up this one little hank of Malabrigo laceweight yarn. Gads but there is a ton of yardage in these little suckers. Well, I only purchased one, thank heavens.

Anyway, I knit one scarf with about half the yarn, which I shared with you, and another scarf with the other larger half. I thought I'd never get to the end of this yarn!

Here is the latest scarf. It's the Leaf Lace pattern. It looks a lot like the other pattern stitch when they're all blocked out.

Here is the first scarf, the pattern being the "Green Gables" design:

Here they are together, all set for their new home!

I paid $7.69 for this hank. Goodness. Each 100% merino scarf cost 3.85! I can hardly believe it. You'd pay $100 at Nordstrom for a scarf like this. Of course, their prices are over-the-top, but just saying.
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