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WIP: Wings of Desire
On Dec 10, 2010...I purchased this hank of Madeleine Tosh fingering...on sale from Dizzy Sheep website...for $13.69. For the life of me, I can't remember how I got sucked into this sale...but there it is. Impulse buy.

Although I've never been a fan of fingering weight yarn, I'm really in love with this brand of yarn (Madeleine Tosh) and this fingering weight...for a scarf.

Not wild about using these hand paints for anything requiring more than one hank because I'm really OCD about variations in the colorations that cause a "line".

Anyway, I finally found a use for this "nectar" colorway!!!

The scarf pattern is WINGS OF DESIRE. It calls for 2 sections wide, but I cast on additional stitches so that I'd have 3 sections wide. (The model scarf uses a heavier weight yarn, Noro Cashmere Island which is dk.) I'm not in the mood to buy yarn these days, so I'm using stash on hand, and modifying the number of cast on stitches and repeats in width.

I'm really enjoying this yarn, and this pattern. It called for HALF the scarf to be knit...leaving the live stitches on hold...knitting the other half from bottom up...and grafting the live stitches together to join the two halves. Not my favorite chore, but I'll have to do it. I think it's called Kitchener stitch.

I've got the first half of the scarf done, and about 1/3 done with the second half! Yay.

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