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Originally Posted by jinxnit55 View Post
Ha! You beat me to it, Claire. I am going to have to do just that when I finish my dropped stitch cowl. The funny thing is that I started knitting it flat on circular needles, but it encompassed the whole needle and somehow got knit together at the top. It seemed too hard to undo and looked OK, so I just kept on knitting it in the round, and I was wondering how I would block it!
This is what someone who is knitting flat on circular needles try to avoid Well, now we both have something we can share notes about. One of those bolster pillows with towels placed appropriately may just do it, at least for the one I am doing. I am beginning with size 8 needles, and will end with probably a size 6. Actually, I'm wondering if I may be able to purchase a piece of foam (maybe JoAnn's) and then use towels around it? Hmm....
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