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Help interpreting pattern-new knitter
I am working on the shoulder-slit sweater by vogueknitting. This is my first clothing pattern so please don'g laugh at me to much. The pattern reads as follows. BACK:CO 96 st. Work in St st for 15". Done this.
BEG Sleeves: CO 5 sts at beg of next 2 rows (106 sts.). Work even for 2 rows.
INC ROW (RS) k3, M1 k to last 3 sts, M1 Ks. Rep inc row every 6th row 6 times more giving 120 sts. Done. Work even until armhole measures 7" from cast on edge, end with a WS row
NECK AND SHOULDER SHAPING: Bind of 35 sts at beg of next row for right shoulder. Bind off rem 85 sts for left shoulder and back neck.
First question:When I end with a WS at the end of the INC ROW then I begin bind off on the RS?.
It then says Bind off rem 85 sts for left shoulder and back. Why doesnt' it just say bind off all stitches at once?

Now for the FRONT: Work as for back until piece measures 20". Mark center 40 sts for neck. Second question: Do I also follow the sleeve instructions as well?

NECK SHAPING Next row (RS) work to center marked neck sts, join 2nd ball of yarn and bind off center 40 sts, work to end. Work both sides at once for 1 row more. Third question: which end do I work to? I think I get the work both sides at once for 1 more row. I just knit across the entire row one more time.

I think I have abused you enough for now. But please know any help you can give me is certainly appreciated.
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