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Originally Posted by KnitBeg View Post
But row 1 has only one YO and two decreases - so all in all you'll diminish the stitch count by one. That ain't right...

Am I overlooking something? It looks OK on the sample picture they posted so it seems possible...
Well, good catch on that one, tain't right. Impossible for the sample picture to be knit based on that graph.

So you have some choices to make. You can eliminate Rows 1 and 2 and have an eight row pattern without an eyelet at the center bottom. Another choice is to alter the pattern so that your decreases are next to the eyelets, here is an example of that:

Lace V's

You may need to alter your stitch count by one, or not, may be able to keep it the same. If you want to go this route and need assistance, let me know.
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