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Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
If you cast on 30sts, work 17sts and place the last 4sts from the right needle on a stitch holder, you should have 13sts remaining on the right needle and 13sts on the left needle. Work those 13sts on the left needle in the pattern stitch to the end of the row. (I don't understand where you have 9 stitches? On which needle?
I just had a count and what I meant to say was that I would have 9 stitches left over after taking the 4 off for the stitch holder. 9 stitches plus the 4 on the stitch holder would be 13. I haven't attempted this as thought I would ask first. Although having re read what you've said I think I understand now which is to have the stitch holder in the centre of the row rather than at one end. Is that right?

Thank you so much for your help and apologises if I sound a little slow with this
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