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You are kidding, right? My knitting goes where I go. I just have to decide what to take as I have pretty much wrapped up all the stuff I was behind on. I do have a pair of socks for myself I need to finish so maybe I will take those. As to the book, I have found nothing better. I sound like I am getting a kickback from her, but for someone who wouldn't knit socks for years because they scared me, her books really made me a sock knitter lover. We leave for Florida (we drive to the port from Memphis) a week from Thursday and we are like little kids again. Us old folks take 3 days to drive down and two to drive back as it makes it easier on us. Those 10-14 hour drives are long behind us now. We can do it, but everything seems to hurt and we are exhausted when we get wherever we are going. We like traveling by car so we just make sure we don't overdo it anymore.

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Your sock looks wonderful and the colors are a good choice for your younger grandson. I'm looking forward to sock 2 and also the second pair. Thanks very much for the bood recommendation. Sounds like a great reference. Enjoy the cruise! Will you take any knitting along with you?
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