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I used the grey yarn again, this time not on an I-cord but with an actual pattern: WaveWristlet I knitted the conventional version (3 row repeat) and used 4dpns size 2.5mm. This was my first "knit in the round", or at least the first I completed:

I think I might try knitting a little looser, for the feather-and-fan pattern doesn't really stand out, just the waves. On the other hand, this is a snug fit and knitting less tight might make the bracelet too wide.
As for knitting on dpns: I am surprised how it turned out, you can't see that clearly where I switched from one needle to the other while it seemed such a gap while on the needles. But that is a good thing I went for 18, 16 and 20 stitches per needle - though I was trying to go for 3x18 but I miscounted and figured it was OK as long as the amount per needle was even (for the k2tog stitches). But somehow I did switch one stitch over to another needle No clue how I managed that.
I also think I started the 3th row 2 one needle too early, but I'm not sure as I didn't notice untill the end that I was one needle short of my starting point Not sure what happened there, but it doesn't seem to really stand out - the last row of feather-and-fan is hard to see.
Furthermore, especially in the beginning, I noticed how one of the needles I'm not knitting with got into the habit of turning vertical - almost taking my eye out in the process. I know, I shouldn't be bent over the work like that but when I focus I just go nearer and nearer - not a good posture.

I'll post "the real thing" in the WingSpan thread, as this bracelet is meant as an assecory for that Shawl. It might take a while...

BTW I've made some other bracelets that I haven't posted yet (I-cord again). I'll try to find the time this weekend.
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