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Casting On
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So I managed to make the mitt itself and have now bind(ed) off. I figured out how to do the cable cast on but have found that I keep getting a very small hole next to the thumb hole, where I may have gone wrong somewhere. Practice makes perfect I guess.

Now I need to make the thumb and don't quite understand the wording of the following.

Cast on 3 sts,with RS of work facing, k1,p2,k1 across 4st on stitch holder, cast on 3 sts. 10sts

I don't quite understand whether I'm meant to cast on the 3 sts and then slip the needle through the stitch holder or work from the stitch holder itself. I tried casting on 3 stitches and then trying to knit the first loop on the holder but couldn't work out how to do it.

Thank you for your help once again
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