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Working the Gusset
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Originally Posted by Jemm View Post
That part was confusing to me as well. When you look at the fo's that flap part of the socks look to me like they wrap around the heel. The miniature might be too small to reflect how the flap truly functions if I'm not mistaken. And I can only guess as to the function of the top part of the flap for shaping since I'm not all that familiar with sock construction. I think some people felt the flap might have been too long, not sure.

The one I posted is a popular pattern but lacks the video like Giat's so GG has a few options. I'm curious as well to see how it'll turn out. Just another reason to push my sock knitting back!
After pondering on that picture and this thread while working this afternoon on the shawl I'm making...

About this thread:

I encourage you to find a basic sock pattern and give it a go. GG's Lifestyle Sock is a great one to start with.

I'm far from the most skilled knitter in the world, but to learn the basic skills needed to knit a variety of projects, knitting one plain stockinette pair of socks top down with a heel flap and gusset, with a double decrease toe probably gives you the biggest knitting techniques bang for your buck, so to speak.

After watching this I felt confident enough that I really could do it that I cast on immediately. This is the link to the tutorial. Its on 2 pages with the first lesson on the 2nd page. Unfortunately when KnitPicks changed their site the tutorial was reversed. GRRRR! Still worth watching, though.

About the picture:
There are multiple ways of making sock heels and that I can't quite identify a type of heel from the picture or the instructions bothers me a bit.

Like you, I look forward to seeing what GG chooses to add to her growing list of projects when it's completed.


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