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Originally Posted by justplaincharlotte View Post
Please don't think that I don't like or recommend the toe up method. I adore it, and it's my preferred method for knitting socks as I don't personally care for Kitchener stitching the toes. YMMV where knitting is concerned.
Wasn't thinking that at all Charlotte, no worries. I'm probably going to attempt the Top-down version of Humble Sock (the link I posted right below toe-up with flap), that is if by the time I'm ready I don't grab another reference. Ann Budd's book has been recommended, but I'm not sure that I need to make that purchase yet. I'll take a look at your link above as well.

I absolutely adore Staci -- purchasing an $8 pattern and going along with her video to learn would be nothing for me, and she teaches both ways with magic loop or dpns. That woman deserves it! I have no idea if she does the flap for toe-up socks, the only reason why I mentioned it was for GG. I'm fine with starting with the top down method since I haven't started making socks yet. Once you get in the habit of doing it one way it's hard to break out of it. I can see why it might be GG's preferred method since she's been doing it for a while -- no pattern? oy lol!
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