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Hi I'm Paul from Cornwall, UK.

Signed up looking for help reading a pattern, but after a nights sleep I think I reasoned my way forward.

Nan taught me to knit when I was a child and it's a bit like riding a bike in that context, once the basics were re-taught it's easy to then just carry on.

My last project was probably 16 years ago whilst workin away from home, a Kaffe Fasset housecoat for my lady, loads of poppies twas a fine thing.

Started a little while ago knitting again, a cardigan for my teenage daughter, a love gift it that makes sense. Got the back and two side panels completed then got completely freaked by the pattern for the arms, it just didn't make any sense.

Tried to locate the the website for the magazine "Knitting" and naturally it's vanished. April 2013 if there's a chance of anybody.

Kinda figured the way to proceed though would be measurement, use a tape and make the arms 2-3 inches longer and trust the top reduction instructions.

Hi anyway, I'll be doing more after this one so will wander around on occaision.
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