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The saga continues -
My saga continues ... as evidenced by this long chain of queries....Sweater (Vogue Spring/summer 2007) Lace Cardigan (#10 pg. 104)

Gauge: 30 rows = 4 inches...1 inch = 7.5 rows. The patter is such that you switch between fleurette Lace (14 rows) and Horseshoe and Lace Pattern (16 rows). The idea is that these patterns alternate. Working the back, I need to do 15 inches before starting the shoulder shaping ending with row 12 of fleurette pattern. 15 inches using the gauge equates to 113 rows. The math put me at 15 inches on approximately row 9 of the horseshoe pattern. For me to get to row 12 of the fleurette pattern I would either have to do a total of 102 rows or 132 rows. Could the instructions be incorrect --- Not sure how to handle this other than do just follow the pattern ignoring where the pattern suggests to stop. Any thoughts would be greatly greatly appreciated.

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