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Originally Posted by knitluck View Post
Thank you so much for letting me know! I've been meaning to fix the mobile experience and just changed it right now so that you can view the site in its entirety. So sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if it works for you.
Thanks for taking care of those links so quickly! I was able to land on the right page the first try!

And thanks for your time and efforts in assembling this interchangeables comparison and rundown!

I personally own quite a few interchangeable sets. Two sets of Knit Picks (wood & nickel), two sets of Addi (regular & lace), Boye Needlemaster, and Denise.

I own numerous styles of set circs, including Addi Turbos, Signature Needles, Crystal Palace bamboos, HiyaHiyas and Lantern Moon (Ebony & Rosewood).

This is my opinion: The Perfect needle, and The Perfect interchangeable set, doesn't exist. There is no perfect needle for every project across the board.

You just have to know what YOU knit, and what YOU need out of a needle...then read reviews,experiment around, take your lumps, and knit with the Winners.

That's what I do.

But I'm definitely done investing and experimenting.
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