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Yes 15 inches measuring from bottom to shoulder.. but the finish adds an inch or so to the bottom (the finish is crocheted where the satin ribbon goes). This is the only way this works looking at the pattern which has 5 cycles (fleurette & Horseshoe lace) ending with 1 fleurette.

Shoulder shaping - I have 91 stitches. I bind off 4 on each of the next two rows which leaves me with 83 stitches. The directions also tell me to mark 6 stitches on each side which are to be done in stockinette and used as the ‘decrease ‘ inventory’. This leave me with 71 stitches in the middle.

Are you suggesting for the Horse Shoe Lace to segregate 3 stitches on each end and work them in stockinette… leaving 65 in the middle (remembering that each row starts with a K1 and ends with a K1 with the repeats in the middle. So, it looks like this..excluding the 6 stitches for the decrease:

3…1…11…15…11…15…11…1…3 which all sums to 71 stitches?

The Fleurette - the math works as it is multiples of 6 plus 5 (11 cycles of 6 = 66 plus 5)

Is it me or is the really complicated to decipher?

Let me know if you agree. Also please let me know about making a donation..

Thanks as always --- much appreciated

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