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From my experience with a younger brother who was a troubled teen, there is no such thing as what's considered "normal for that age". Each child grows and develops at their own individual pace, and therefor, no one answer is a solution for every single case.

From what I gather, and this is purely hypothetical (and just a guess), but your child could be acting out as a way to tell you that he is stressed. Maybe its a bully at school, or perhaps his proverbial plate is far too loaded with activities and responsibilities.

My mother learned the hard way that its best to back off a little when a child acts out, as yelling at him with threats of punishment will only push him further down the path he might be taking. That's not to say that you should idly stand by while he acts out, but don't go overboard with strictness either. Find a happy balance.

For example, and this is just hypothetical of course, if your son comes home with a wild and shocking hair cut, don't automatically start with disciplining. Its just hair, and it'll grow out soon enough and by then, he'll be onto some other thing.

Eventually, with a slightly lenient style of parenting, he'll realize that he isn't getting the reactions from you that he wants, and will eventually give up.
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