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OK, here we go: another bracelet made with I-cords:

The bracelet is "strengthened" by iron wire inside the I-cords. Or maybe strengthened isn't the word - rather "pre-shaped".

I tried to knit the I-cords around the wire, there are plenty of how to's to find online about that. I couldn't make it work though, so I just slipped the metal wire in right before the binding of.

When I had 3 I-cords of (nearly) identical length, I sew them together. Then I had to form the still flat bracelet to fit neatly around a/my wrist. This turned out to be the hardest part and I don't think I succeeded that well. It should be circular, but it is quite angular:

It doesn't look good on the back:

Not sure what to do about it. It appears that the I-cords are a bit too short. I could reshape the wires, but I tried that already and this really is as good as it gets - or I should find a metal pipe as wide as my wrist and just shape the bracelet round it with a hammer. I don't think that's good for the knitted fabric...

I thought about 'pimping' the bracelet with crocheted flowers or beads, but as it stands I am not sure I'll ever wear it so I'll brood in it for a while
It seems so easy...
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