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Louet S10 vs. S15??? HELP PLEASE!!!!
I took a spinning class last Saturday and I am officially obsessed. Its so much fun! I learned on an s10 and I liked it a lot but when I tried an s15 my instructor back home had I was a little more consistent. They felt the same though so its probably just that I did better that time rather than the wheel because they're so similar. the only thing that was different was the position of the pedal. the s10 was more upright and I could use my heel more whereas the s15 pointed a little more and I couldn't really use my heel at all. I liked both though.


I would love to hear experienced spinners opinions on these two wheels!

Does anyone know what the s15 spins for weight like fine to medium or medium to bulky like the s10?

My mom and I have ben looking all over the internet and eBay trying to find a used s10 or s15 but does anyone know any other places we could find one?

Tips are very greatly appreciated thanks!!!!

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