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Originally Posted by ABC's Mom View Post
I'm confused. Just because someone is a vegan doesn't mean they can't/won't use wool yarns. They aren't harming the animal or eating it so why not use wool yarns????
Originally Posted by Artchic528 View Post
I would think that using something like alpaca or wool would be the complete opposite for a vegan. Using the hair of an animal isn't killing the animal, its just giving it a buzz cut and making it feel better in the warm summer months. It would be inhumane to allow an animal to suffer by letting it keep a thick coat in such heat.

But to each his/her own I guess.
I don't want to take this off topic, but I do want to address these issues briefly.

Being vegan is about non-exploitation. It's about not seeing yourself as entitled. So it's a much broader topic than just the tip of the iceberg most people see.

That having been said, industrialized wool is no better than industrialized meat. The animals are too closely confined, standing in their own and other animals feces, are subjected to inhumane treatment, etc. And when they are sheared, no care is taken to not gouge the animal, and wounds are left to fester, get infected, no treatment is provided, etc. Industrialized wool is simply not humane.

However - when an animal is hand-raised on a small scale operation, and loving care is taken when shearing - NO vegan would have trouble with this, because there is no cruelty, no exploitation, and no entitlement. If you know the source of your wool, and what kind of care was taken with it, there is no problem. (The alpaca in question here, Sparkly, may have been hand-raised and treated kindly, but without trace-ability, we simply do not know.)

Thanks for letting me address this from the vegan perspective. I'll let everyone get back to the real topic now. I appreciate you allowing me to share.
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