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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Maybe computer isn't techie-nally correct usage here. My DS was telling me about an Android notebook or netbook that someone he knows has and he said it would basically do anything my laptop does and probably more. With a price in the vicinity of $200, or so I was told, it wouldn't be much more than I just paid for my new Android phone, but it was $100 off so I got it for $149.

Chromebooks I found these online. I think Android is in a position to really move into the computer market and put a dent in the big brands' share. Maybe. Maybe not. My new phone is too smart for me. I finally can reliably answer a phone call on it.
I'll take a stab at this question. There are so many computing choices for us these days, it is becoming confusing, I agree!

Tablets are available in Android (many brands), Apple (ipad), Microsoft Windows (the Surface), and the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet which has its own unique OS (I think it's called Silk, and I've read it's an Android based OS, but adjusted for Amazon)

A "NetBook" is technically an itty bitty laptop PC. It doesn't have an Android OS. It's usually a lightweight Windows OS (Operating System). The NetBook popularity has sorta gone by the wayside with the introduction of Tablets, therefore you can get bargains on NetBooks.

Chromebook isn't a Tablet. I don't think it's got Touchscreen capability like The Surface. It seems to be a teeny laptop that uses the Chrome OS.

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