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Storing yarn
Hah! Came to a revelation today. It happened after my husband beseeched me once again to get "all that damned yarn" off the dining room table, and after I spent some time picking parmesan cheese crumbs out of a skein of dark blue Madeline Tosh chunky merino.

I like to have the yarn on the table because I can pat it and admire it, but push has come to shove. It occurred to me as I was looking through a drawer for something else. There was a big box of 1 gallon freezer storage bags with zip lock tops.

I think I used them mostly to put horse supplements in for when the horse was getting fed at the boarding stable. I just finished a baby hat (posted on FOs) and I liked the way it came out, plus I had a lot of the yarn left. I put the 3 colors of yarn in the bag with the proper needle and the printed instructions, with the picture of the hat facing out.

So, the next time I want to make that hat, it's all right there, like a kit. No more digging through bags and baskets looking for the right things, and hopefully the table will stay clearer. I could even hang the bagged "kits" in a closet.

I'm sure the rest of you have similar ways of keeping the yarn (and table) clear and safe! I just hadn't thought of it before or was too lazy! Patting myself on the back!

How do the rest of you store stuff?
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