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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Maybe computer isn't techie-nally correct usage here. My DS was telling me about an Android notebook or netbook that someone he knows has and he said it would basically do anything my laptop does and probably more. With a price in the vicinity of $200, or so I was told, it wouldn't be much more than I just paid for my new Android phone, but it was $100 off so I got it for $149.

Chromebooks I found these online. I think Android is in a position to really move into the computer market and put a dent in the big brands' share. Maybe. Maybe not. My new phone is too smart for me. I finally can reliably answer a phone call on it.
I dunno...I am now a confirmed Mac user, because they just don't seem to get viruses they way PCs do. After upgrading several PCs after they got too messed up to de-frag anymore, we got a used MacBook on Ubid. I think we ended up paying about $300. That was 2 summers ago, and the thing is as good as the day we got it, and it has even been dropped once! I would never pay the price of a new Apple computer, but for what I do; check email, this site, Ravelry and typing a few papers, this MacBook has been a virus-free little workhorse.

I must add that I detest my iPhone, it seems to have a mind of its own, but my daughter looked at it and tried a few things. Her diagnosis: "Your phone is messed up," so I think I got a lemon. It's still under warranty, so I think I'll take it back.
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