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Thank you.

Another one with I-cords, but this time I used left over embroidery yarn:

I knitted 3 I cords in different shades of green. I made them 1cm longer than my wrist circumference as I was to braid them and that would take some length. However, the I-cords do stretch so looking back it wasn't really necessary.

After knitting the I-cords, I knitted two squares in stockinette of about 1.5 by 1.5 centimetres, in the lightest colour green. I folded these over the ends of the I-cords to sew them together next to one another. I sew it all and left one end of the yarn from the stockinette square to make a crochet chain from the middle. I think this description asks for a picture

I then braided the I-cords and one of them was somehow too long I swear they were the same length when I started... Any way, I had to make that strand a bit shorter:

Then I sew on the second knitted "fastener".

As you see, I made a loop out of the crocheted chain on the first fastener. Now all I had to do was make/find a button and I would have myself a bracelet.

I couldn't find a button in the right shade of green, so I decided to make one with the used yarn. I tried some methods, but settled for rolling up a crocheted chain - it was too small to my liking for knitting it and the crocheting didn't look right. Just rolling up a basic chain worked surprisingly well I did sew together two of these to get the desired thickness for the button.

Wearing it:

And the front:

I quite like how this one worked out
It seems so easy...
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