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very reasonable wood swifts
I use both and often. My ball winder is a lacis and works fine. Under $30 at amazon. I was going to try making one of the homemade swift ideas I saw online. But then I found these amazing Amish style simple but oh so useful hard maple wood swifts for $18.95 (medium) or $21.95 (large) made by Fiber Artists in Cincinnati Ohio. Shipping is also very reasonable. They fold up and take up little space when not in use, don't need to be clamped to table and are super easy to set up. There is a video on you tube of one being set up and used. And I believe these swifts are less trouble and more effective than umbrella type swifts. at these prices, why try to make one? One of the homemade swifts was made of tinker toys. If you don't already own tinker toys, they will set you back almost as much as these finely crafted wooden swifts made by folks who really know what they're doing and do it beautifully.
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