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make 1 help!
Hey everyone!

So I'm fairly new to knitting! Decided it would be a fun hobby to pick up and make some christmas presents in the process! I'm trying to make socks and I'm doing pretty well! I am following this pattern (www . ravelry. com/patterns/library/kalajoki - click the free ravelry download button and there is an english pdf) but I ran into a bit of confusion with the no stitch and the make 1 stitch.

I don't fully understand how it is supposed to work. I have 18 stitches as the pattern shows and I have read that the "no stitch" box means to just skip it and go to the next stitch but, in the case of the first row, that would mean I am moving on to stitch 5 and still haven't done anything with stitch 4 so then when I reached the end of the row I would be left with one more stitch on my needle.

Now this issue may be solved in the whole make 1 (or what I believe is make 1). I know how to do the make 1 but I'm not sure if the description of "pick up the yarn between sts onto left needle and knit it tbl, k1 (1 sts increased)" means that I add the stitch and then knit 1 onto the 4th stitch?

My other issue with this is that if I add that stitch then once I move onto the next row.. I now have 19 stitches so how do I go about incorporating that? I'm sorry if I am not explaining myself very well! But hopefully this makes some sense! Thank you for any help that can be offered up!

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