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The bayside pullover

I am planning to make my first pullover, and I chose bayside pullover. I have some blusky alpacas suri merino yarns. I knit the gauge and it's ok.
My problem is that I don't understand the pattern very well. What is a yoke?
Right after cast on my problem starts:
"Setup row(ws): P1 right front st,pm,k2,p6,k2,pm,p6 sleeve sts,pm,k2,p6,k2,pm,p18 back sts,pm,k2,p6,k2,p6,k2,pm,p6 sleeve sts ,pm,k2,p6,k2,p6,k2,pm,p1 left fron st"
It follows with Reglan increase neck shaping.

I don't know what the yoke is and also what does it mean p1 right front st?

Thank you for help.
Kind regards,
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